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It was a beautiful morning at Shinde, there was not a cloud in the sky and a gentle cool breeze had made for a very pleasant start. Once we had energized ourselves with a cup of coffee, my guests and I took off for a morning game drive. I decided to take my binoculars out and scan the open before we got too far out of camp. I saw some movements in the distance, it was Wild Dog, Africa’s most endangered predator and most successful hunter.


A few metres ahead of them was a small herd of Zebra and a few Red Lechwe, both species looking fairly alert and agitated. I could feel a twinkle in my eye as I knew that there is always action and excitement when there are Wild Dog around.


I stopped the vehicle and explained to my guests that they should have their cameras ready and waiting. When we got closer we saw the dogs attempting to stalk the zebra, they moved around the herd working as a team to corner them off, however events did not work out as planned for the Wild Dog.

The Zebra began to stamp their feet and snort loudly, and in defence, suddenly turned on the dogs. The Lechwe joined in and before the Wild Dog knew it, they had a wall of patterns running towards them.


In the end the zebra were victorious in defending themselves and the Wild Dog skulked off with their tails in between their legs. This was such an entertaining sighting and judging by the sounds coming from the back of the 4x4, my guests thoroughly enjoyed it too.


Story and Images by Bee (professional guide at Shinde)