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The Green Season is in full swing in the Okavango Delta and in most places, the rainfall has not been this high in sixteen years! It’s incredible to witness the transformation from the dry, stark winter months to the lush summer we find ourselves in now.


The landscape is a colour palette of different greens dotted with an array of colourful birds, flowers and insects. There has been a burst of new life as many of the species have given birth, from warthog piglets to African Jacana chicks hopping along delicate lily pads, it’s a fascinating and enjoyable time to be in Botswana.


There is no better way to take in the Green season than to be on foot at the same level as the blanket of green grass that attracts a myriad of fauna and flora. Doctor recently guided his guests on a morning walking safari at Kanana, read below as he documents the experience:

The location for the walking safari at Kanana changes regularly depending on water levels and wildlife attractions. This particular day we were going to walk on paradise island, a lot of the area has been covered with water but there are areas that are still traversable and we don’t call it ‘paradise’ for names sake.


It was a sunny day after what had been a few days of heavy rain so all the butterflies were out and the wild flowers were in full bloom. We walked for two hours and came across five giraffe, a herd of red lechwe and a family of warthog all feeding around a pan. We approached them quietly so the animals were completely undisturbed by us.


The recent heavy rains have also eroded a lot of the termite mounds so we stopped and had a look at the newly created layers which the fungus termites had been furiously building before the next storm rolls in.Termites play a major role in the eco-system of the Okavango Delta and we often take them for granted as we drive past the mounds in the game drive vehicle. DSCN0719

As we were getting to the end of our walk, we could see puffy grey cumulonimbus clouds approaching us. We stopped for a well-deserved cup of tea and rusks and got into the boat to journey back to camp when it started pouring down as we arrived!

Story by Doctor (professional guide at Kanana)