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Relax and his guests were on a leisurely morning game drive at Shinde when they came across this Bateleur sitting on a dead tree stump near the four pans area. It is not often that one gets to view these magnificent birds of prey at such proximity. The name Bateleur (Terathopius ecaudatus) means ‘tightrope walker’… Read more »

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It was time to gather on the deck for high tea at Kanana, whilst sipping on an Arnold Palmer I noticed that giant cumulonimbus clouds had gathered in the distance, for what we hoped, was a signal of well-needed rain. A short drive had us arrive at the mokoro station, while Simon our guide loaded… Read more »

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At Shinde guests enjoy regular sightings of Side-Striped Jackal as they favour the scrub areas present in the concession. The Side-Striped Jackal is larger than its more carnivorous cousin the Black-Backed Jackal. The jackal will often inhabit the same area for long periods of time and unknown to most, the breeding pair can remain monogamous… Read more »